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The Project
Installation Sindelfingen
Installation Sindelfingen

Three places – one industry:

Sindelfingen / Germany,

Detroit / USA,

Chonju-Ulsan / Korea
Nagoya / Japan

Industrial situations produced a kind of monotypical social environment. Especially through the car industry in the twentieth century, which meant wealth for specific areas, and which influenced the economical growths and decays of cities being dependent on this one market.

Through the tendencies of the big corporations being merged to even bigger ones, being more and more disconnected from local markets, the identification with the local work place has shifted. Places wide apart might have a lot in common, however their social structure is quite different or their geographical environment is entirely unrelated.

This shifted sense for the reality of the local and global circumstances is the topic of this exhibition project. It tries to view one example of connected and disconnected places. Between three cities, whose connection is basically the economical relation, not directly, but through the situation of a big corporation and its production.

At these three places we find Production of the corporation DaimlerChrysler and partners.

Sindelfingen, a small city south of Stuttgart, with its medieval center, has probably not much in common with Detroit and Ulsan. But there is the fact, that these cities got quite dependent on the economical resources of automobile construction. Sindelfingen has 60 000 inhabitants and DaimlerChrysler employs 40 000 workers in the plant. This situation produces a similar social attitude as in Detroit, ... with different outlooks ... considering the local situations. Detroit, the booming city of the 20’s and 50’s, now decaying through the dependency on big corporations, showing new developments with its decamped neighborhoods. In both places we find the same corporation. Yet the far-eastern places show a highly integrated intact structure.

Three urban situations, absolutely different, are depending on the same contextual life conditions in a somehow physical way . Both social contexts show different attitudes on one level and the same circumstances on the other. Political structures are involved as strategical economical strategies, which have an immediate impact on the cultural situations.

A reason to initiate a hypothetical comparison through an exhibition, an evaluation of the social, cultural, economical similarities and dissimilarities.

The exhibition project tries to connect and disconnect cultural situations; and it tries to raise some of the very contemporary questions about the social conditions within the local and global situation.