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General Contributions

Welcome to the discussion forum of citizens of
Sindelfingen-Stuttgart / Germany, Detroit / USA, Chonju/Ulsan / Korea, Nagoya / Japan.

However far apart this communication site is only open to the citizens of Detroit, Sindelfingen, Chonju/Ulsa/Nagoya. So it won’t be another one of these chatrooms, where everybody on this world can join.

Each participant, however not familiar with the other one, knows at least, in which local place the companion is. This has the advantage of dealing very specifically about the situations of the other place. Fell free to discover first, what ever you want, ask questions what ever you are interested in. This site you might use for other issues, problems, statements than the ones mentioned below, however it is part of the ArtProject '1Site -2 Places'. You also have the chance to discover the other places' environment topics, and cultural conditions. In order to have more detailed information of the three places, the accurate URLs will be updated as required.

The communication spaces will be monitored. In case you exchange some interesting issues which could be of general interest and you would like to offer them to the project '1site-2 places' for further use, you can copy the discussion and send it to: projects@1site2places.org

Here are some of the topic and
questions which could be answered:

- How far do these locations share similar life conditions?
- Which are the cultural resources in industrial mono economies?
- What are the general interests of these places
- What causes the global influence of the same corporation?
- Is it possible to draw any relations between three places?
- Would it be possible to have an exchange through the unions?
- Would you like to know how one lives in Sindelfingen?
- Would you like to know how one lives in Detroit?

- Would you like to know how one lives in Seoul/Ulsan?

As the economical similarities are often a reason for exchange, we try to communicate with each other who live under a similar contextual industrial situation somehow even for the same corporation!

Lets try to find out about the others who work for the same/affiliated corporation(s)!